Family Cheese Dairy


Let me introduce myself. My name is Aleksander, my wife's name is Yana. We are a family that makes cheese in Vladivostok.
One day, an Italian maestro revealed to us his family secrets of cheese making, which he received from his ancestors.
Nowadays, in Primorye, we carefully grow our own herd of Ayrshire breed cows, which give us the best milk for our cheese. We make various types of cheese including fresh cheese, fine blue cheese, semi-hard cheese. Our cheeses have a delicious creamy taste, they melt in your mouth, have a smell of mushrooms and, most importantly, of natural milk. Adults and children love our cheeses; they are good to people, who keep on a diet, and to athletes. Cheeses are different, but they have only one thing in common - their naturality. 

Family Italian Recipes

Cheese Dairy & Wine Bar is a small European-style place in the downtown of Vladivostok


It was Yana, who came up with a special mini-ball of Caccotta cheese, in which we serve Italian Orzo pasta with some salami and fire - this dish will give you a pleasant aftertaste for a long time. 
Be sure to try the fresh Tomino cheese wrapped in Parma ham. 
Our HIT is fried Primo Sale cheese, which means "first salt" in Italian. 
Our menu has dishes of the Italian region of Piedmont, for example, grilled peppers with Banya Cauda sauce, which we make with Italian anchovies, olive oil and garlic. 
Come to visit us, it will be very tasty!

Wine Bar

In our Cheese Stories Bar you can enjoy coffee with the aroma of dark chocolate brewed from Robusta beans or a cup of delicious designer tea with honey and mint!
But what is the best choice for our cheese? Of course this is wine! Coolness of the morning and smell of crisp fresh hay? Flavor of lychee and honey plants? Tangerine madness with benzene notes? Or maybe “jelly urana” made of ripe berries? Oak and spicy flavor? Our bar has a collection of wine stories from around the world. Having looked through our wine list, you are sure to find a wine to your taste.